About the Program:

How long can a mom exercise using the Back in Shape with Baby workouts?

Moms can start incorporating recommendations from the educational booklet as soon as you arrive home from the hospital. Back in Shape with Baby video workouts can be started when your baby is 6 weeks old and you have received approval to begin exercising from your obstetrician. You can continue exercising to the videos until your baby begins to crawl. Even after your baby begins crawling, you can do most exercises although your baby may take off exploring! Many of the exercises you learn can be incorporated into daily activities and when you are carrying your child.

Is Back in Shape with Baby safe for my baby?

Exercises included in the videos and in the educational materials were reviewed and approved by physicians for the safety of Mom and baby. It is important that you watch the introduction and follow recommendations. All movements with your baby are always slow and steady. Make sure you have practiced the exercises and are completely comfortable performing them before adding your baby. If your baby seems uncomfortable or does not fit in the position shown, try modifications or place your baby on a blanket and continue the exercise alone. With all exercise programs, there may be a chance for injury; hence you should always exercise at your own risk.

If I have had a Caesarean delivery, can I still do Back in Shape with Baby?

Yes! As with all Moms postpartum, once your physician gives you permission to start an exercise program, you can begin Back in Shape with Baby. The video and booklet will provide you with ways to help strengthen your core. You may only be able to do a few repetitions of each exercise until you can build up to the full set. It is important for you to incorporate shorter more frequent exercise sessions, since your body may fatigue quickly.

What do I do if I have more than one child?

If you have a newborn baby and an older sibling, you can still enjoy Back in Shape with Baby with both of your children! You can give your older child a stuffed animal or baby doll, and they can pretend they are Mommy (or Daddy) and have a “baby” to exercise with just like Mommy!

Will I lose weight doing the Back in Shape with Baby program?

Weight lose depends on how often you work out and the food choices you make. If you follow the recommended frequency for each video and nutritional guidelines for calorie intake, you should see toning and strengthening, an increase in flexibility, and expect either weight loss or weight maintenance.