Designed for Moms with 6 week -12 month old Babies

For Moms

For Moms

A fitness program designed to help Moms lose weight and strengthen areas affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Exercise videos are now provided for free on YouTube.

For Physicians

For Community Health Programs

Help women who may not have the resources to invest in a fitness program. An obesity prevention initiative that provides new mothers a home fitness option.

For Hospitals

For Hospitals

Give new Moms answers to postpartum questions and a solution to one of their biggest concerns: Losing weight after having a baby.

Graphic animation and techniques used throughout each workout to keep your baby entertained.

Choose one of these workouts to begin your exercise program.

Fitness Tips and Ideas

Why do I still look pregnant after having a baby?

Most women lose about 7-10 pounds of weight at the hospital after having a baby. Over the next several weeks, a few more pounds shed naturally but the rest of the weight takes some effort to lose. Your stomach usually does not just go back to what it looked like before you got pregnant on its […]

Stress After Having a Baby

Having a newborn baby is an exciting time full of new adventures. Whether this is your first child or you are adding a sibling to your family, a newborn baby is a lot of work. You may be one of those lucky parents who ends up with a child that barely cries and falls off […]

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Something all women who have had a baby have in common is the need to lose the weight they gained during their pregnancy and strengthen areas of their body affected by childbirth. Some women have a lot more weight to lose than others and some had a more difficult pregnancy to recover from but no […]