For Hospitals

Turn-key obesity prevention program

Invest in a program that provides new Moms education and home workouts.

Benefits for Hospitals and Health Systems:

  • Help underserved populations
  • Add to community benefit
  • Increase patient retention
  • Promote brand awareness with co-branding opportunities
  • Help hospital employees lose weight after pregnancy to lower health risks and future health care costs
  • An affordable, turn-key and cost efficient way to implement an obesity prevention program

About the Back in Shape with Baby program:

  • Designed for Moms with 6 weeks- 12 months old Babies
  • Program available as a hard copy to provide Moms as a gift in baby bags or as an annual subscription where patients download the program materials at home
  • Content includes three workouts and an educational booklet featuring best exercises and tips for new mothers
  • Teaches new Moms how to incorporate fitness into their daily routine

Program Options Include:

  • Co-branding on product packaging
  • Letter from your hospital to patients in the Educational booklet
  • Monthly Email newsletter to patients
  • Text alert messages
  • Dedicated landing page branded with your hospital
  • Annual download subscription option available for organizations not interested in maintaining product inventory
  • Public Relations Opportunities
  • Customized research tools to track usage and program impact