About Us: The Back in Shape with Baby Story

I was your typical mom working a full-time desk job, who just wanted to get back in shape and stay in shape once I had my baby, Luke.  Luke spent many hours a day in daycare while I was at work. I wanted to spend time with him when I was home and exercising was a must, so I created a way for Moms to get fit while spending quality time with their child. Back in Shape With Baby and Energize & Exercise With Your Preschooler were originally produced as part of the Exercise With Mommy video series. With the shift in media consumption to online, all workouts are now available for free on YouTube.

Realizing that healthcare providers and programs serving new moms lack the time and resources to answer questions and provide guidance on exercising postpartum, Back in Shape With Baby offers a turnkey comprehensive program for organizations looking to improve health outcomes and minimize obesity.

Happy Exercising!

Amy Burton
President and Founder
CAYA Consulting, LLC

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Amy Burton

Amy Burton is a Marketing and Sales professional with a lifelong interest in fitness. She was part of the founding management team of digital tech start-up that was acquired in early 2022.  As a Vice President with Strongline, a state-of-the-art staff safety system specifically designed for healthcare workers, she was involved in all aspects of building and scaling the business. Amy’s experience also includes job roles as Director of Marketing at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and as Director of USF Health Partnerships for the University of South Florida.

Amy has been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer for over 18 years and a certified Health Coach for 4 years. In her spare time while working for WTSP-TV(CBS), Amy created the Exercise With Mommy video series. Years later, she partnered with Dr. Sheila Devanesan, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, to design an obesity prevention program for pregnant woman. This program received grant-funding and became Fit4AllMoms at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Now Amy is combining her 25 years of marketing and sales experience along with her passion for obesity prevention to contribute to improving health outcomes in underserved populations. In addition to these efforts, she is a consultant for companies in the health and fitness industry. For a more complete history of experience, connect on LinkedIn.