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Support Your Obesity Prevention Efforts:

  • Targeted program specifically tailored to new Moms during a critical life stage when approximately 75% of women with lower incomes are heavier 1 year postpartum than they were prepregnancy, including 47% retaining more than 10 lbs and 24% more than 20 lbs*
  • Assists in helping populations with limited access to parks, recreational areas, or community centers
  • Uses the public health approach to make healthy options available, accessible, and affordable for target populations
  • Customized tracking and monitoring can be set up to evaluate program effectiveness
  • Can be incorporated as one of the intervention strategies through cooperative outreach services
  • Promote the adoption of physical activity by providing women and families opportunities to be regularly active
  • Long-term positive effect on the health of woman and families
  • Program designed by the co-creator of Fit4AllMoms, an obesity prevention pilot program funded by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL

About the Back in Shape with Baby program:

  • Designed for Moms with 6 weeks- 12 months old Babies
  • Program available as a hard copy to provide directly to Moms using community health services or as a downloadable program to access from home using a dedicated access code.
  • DVD with three workouts and an educational booklet featuring best exercises and tips for new mothers
  • Teaches new Moms how to incorporate fitness into their daily routine
  • Exercises included in the videos and in the educational materials were reviewed and approved by physicians for the safety of Mom and baby.

Program Options Include:

  • Inclusion of funding source or collaboration on product packaging
  • Letter from your organization to patients in the Educational booklet
  • Monthly Email newsletter to Moms
  • Text alert messages
  • Dedicated landing page branded with your program information
  • Annual download subscription option available for organizations not interested in maintaining product inventory
  • Public Relations Opportunities
  • Customized research tools to track usage and program impact

Watch Demo:

*A Study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology in January 2015. “Postpartum Weight Retention Risk Factors and Relationship to Obesity at 1 Year.”