Most women lose about 7-10 pounds of weight at the hospital after having a baby. Over the next several weeks, a few more pounds shed naturally but the rest of the weight takes some effort to lose. Your stomach usually does not just go back to what it looked like before you got pregnant on its own.

Stay positive! It took you 9 months to get to what you looked like when you had your baby and it will take you about the same amount of time to get you back to your pre-pregnancy weight and look. Both aerobic exercise and healthy eating is key but so are exercises that target body parts affected by pregnancy. Muscles lengthen and stretch with the weight of your baby in your stomach and the extra pounds in your chest.

After having your baby, you need to work on strengthening and tightening the muscles of the stomach and core (stomach, back and buttocks muscles) so you can hold in your stomach. To see best results, perform exercises targeting each of the four groups of stomach muscles: upper, middle, lower, and sides. I like to simplify the names of the muscles in your stomach area since the formal muscle names don’t mean much to most women.  All these muscle groups act like a girdle to hold in your stomach. In the videos that are part of the Back in Shape with Baby program, exercises target each of these areas.

Invest in downloading these videos for a full body workout to help offset the effects of being pregnant.  Each workout is low-impact and can be done with your baby. The educational booklet will teach you the best exercises for Moms after having a baby. Happy Exercising!

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