Why do I still look pregnant after having a baby?

Most women lose about 7-10 pounds of weight at the hospital after having a baby. Over the next several weeks, a few more pounds shed naturally but the rest of the weight takes¬†some effort to lose. Your stomach usually does not just go back to what it looked like before you got pregnant on its […]

Stress After Having a Baby

Having a newborn baby is an exciting time full of new adventures. Whether this is your first child or you are adding a sibling to your family, a newborn baby is a lot of work. You may be one of those lucky parents who ends up with a child that barely cries and falls off […]

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Something all women who have had a baby have in common is the need to lose the weight they gained during their pregnancy and strengthen areas of their body affected by childbirth. Some women have a lot more weight to lose than others and some had a more difficult pregnancy to recover from but no […]